Klarna Ghost Card Payment

Klarna Ghost Card Review

Klarna is a popular “pay later” service which lets you buy goods online and pay for them later though instalments. The best bit? The instalments are completely interest free which mean there are no hidden fees or extra charges. As long as you pay on time.

The Klarna one time card, previously known as the Klarna ghost card, is a “virtual” card which you can access via the Klarna mobile app. Just to be clear this is not a physical card. Instead with every purchase you are given a unique card number and payment details in the app. Once you have these details you can use them to checkout at any online store.

For more information Klarna has created a useful video below which I recommend you watch.

How does Klarna ghost card work

With the Klarna ghost card you can make a one time purchase online or in store and pay for it in 4 instalments instead of the full amount. This is great for large purchases on Amazon or even for travel purchases. The big advantage of a Klarna purchase is that these 4 split payments are 100% interest free.The following five steps will show you how Klarna works and how you can start spreading the cost of your purchases today.

  1. Download the Klarna app and if you haven’t already, sign up for the free service.
  2. In the app choose to create a one-time payment card by clicking the “My Klarna” tab.
  3. Enter the amount you wish to spend via the one time card.
  4. You will then be given a one time card number with a valid expiry date. Your billing address should be the same as the address you have on file with Klarna.
  5. On the website you are purchasing from enter the Klarna card number and details.

What if my Klarna ghost card is not approved?

Some Klarna customers have reported errors when paying with a ghost card. If you see the message “not approved for ghost card at this time” then you may find your Klarna ghost card payment was declined.

If you are not approved, we recommend taking the following steps. Similar to our Klarna declined recommendations which we have previously written about.

  • Check your billing address at checkout matches the address Klarna has on file for you.
  • Ensure the amount you entered in the Klarna app is the same as the cost of your purchase.
  • Make sure you are buying in your local currency. Klarna is unable to convert different currencies.

Where can I use my Klarna one time card?

One of the biggest benefits is using a Klarna one time payment card is that you can use it exactly like you would any credit card. That means that any online store that accepts card payments should accept a Klarna ghost card.

One of the the most frequent questions asked is if you can use a Klarna ghost card on Amazon. The good news is you can. Use your Klarna ghost card at the Amazon checkout just like you would for any other retailer. Enter your one-time card number and details into the Amazon payment form. Don’t forget to also use the same billing address as Klarna have on file or you may find you get declined.

Does a ghost card have a credit limit?

Klarna will decide on your eligible credit limit depending on your payment history with Klatna.

Can you use klarna ghost card anywhere?

Yes. You can use Klarna for purchases on any online stores that accept major credit cards.

Can you use klarna ghost card in-store?

Yes. You can use the Klarna ghost card in-store. To use the card you will need to select “in-store” on the Klarna app. You can then set up a new virtual card which can be used via Apple Pay or Google Wallet just like a regular credit card.

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