What is Klarna purchase power

What is Klarna purchase power

Klarna purchase power is the amount of money you can spend on products with the Klarna app. Think of it as a credit limit you have with a credit card. However, unlike a credit limit, the purchase power amount often changes depending on your payment history with Klarna.

What does purchase power mean?

Some people think of purchase power as free money but this is incorrect. Purchase power is actually the amount of money you are eligible to spend with the Klarna app. 

Purchase power was introduced to help reduce the number of denied payments. Rather than waiting to see if a payment is approved or denied at checkout, purchase power is the amount of money you can spend with the guarantee your payment will be approved. No more denied payments! 

What is the max purchase power?

There is no set maximum purchase power on Klarna. It is impossible to know the highest purchase power as everyones will have a different limit. 

Your individual max purchase power will be based on your history with Klarna. For example, how long you have been a customer, the amount of transactions you have used Klarna for, the amount of failed or late payments. 

All of these factors will help give you a maximum purchase power which is unique to you.

5 ways to Increase your purchase power

Right now lots of people are looking to increase their purchasing power, here are 5 tips which we recommend if you want to give yourself a boost. 

  1. Pay your minimum Klarna payments on time
  2. Have a good payment history
  3. Make sure you do not have a large number of outstanding purchases
  4. Build up your purchase power by making larger purchases where possible
  5. Make sure your payment details and account details are up to date with the correct information

Why has my Klarna purchase power dropped?

Some people have experienced a drop in their Klarna purchase power and they’re not happy. Users have taken to social media and reddit to express their anger when their Klara purchase power dropped to 0.

The number one reason your purchase power has dropped to zero is that you have overspent your previous purchase power. This may have happened because you were not aware of your purchasing power. 

Why is my Klarna purchase power not showing up 

If your Klarna purchase power is not available it is likely due to failed or overdue payments. The first thing you need to do is check your current overdue payments, are there any that need to be paid? 

Klarna will not give you more purchase power if you have missed payments. In order to see your purchase power again you will need to settle these payments first.

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