Home Depot Buy Now Pay Later

Whether moving into a new house or undertaking a home improvement project, you need high-quality tools and materials. And the best place to shop for all your home improvement-related needs is Home Depot.

But if you’re in a tight place financially, you may be wondering how to manage your budget. Worry not, as we’ve got the perfect solution for you: buy now, pay later (BNPL)!

Did you know that Home Depot buy now pay later was a thing?

Read on for a breakdown of your payment options at this popular retailer.

Can You Buy Now and Pay Later at Home Depot?

Yes, you can buy now and pay later at Home Depot.

However, Home Depot doesn’t accept BNPL payment providers as a payment method. Customers can use Home Depot’s financing offers on their credit cards.

Customers also have the option to go for a one-time virtual card from BNPL providers—only accepted for online shopping.

Let’s look at these payment methods and their features in detail below.

Home Depot Payment Methods

Home Depot Commercial and Consumer Credit Cards

Consumer Credit Card

The Home Depot Consumer Credit Card is the best solution for those looking to make a few minor updates and improvements to their home. Think new lighting, fans, a new paint job, garden maintenance, new tools, etc.

It is available for purchases of $299 or above and comes with a 6-month financing plan. The maximum limit is based on your creditworthiness, which is set based on a credit check. You can also avail extended 24-month financing during special promotions.

Project Loan

The Home Depot Project Loan is specially designed for those who wish to undertake a large and expensive renovation project, such as a kitchen or bathroom makeover. Customers can easily purchase and finance everything they need for the project within 6 months.

Monthly installments will not exceed $20 for every $1000 borrowed.

The financing offers a line of credit of up to $55,000 and a repayment period of 66 to 114 months. While there are no annual fees, you will be charged an APR between 7.42% and 19.96%, subject to qualifying credit approval.

Pro Xtra Credit Card (Commercial Revolving Charge)

The Home Depot Pro Xtra Credit Card is a revolving or commercial account exclusively made for business owners. It is tailored for their unique commercial needs and provides 4x faster rewards while allowing low monthly payments or repaying in full each month.

Business owners can easily track all purchase details, issue user cards to employees, and manage everything online.

The account also offers a 1-year return period for all purchases.

Commercial Account

A Home Depot Commercial Account is another great option for business owners who want to make purchases for their office with little hassle. This service allows users to issue buyer ID cards to key employees with detailed purchase information and set spending limits.

Users are required to pay the balance in full each month and get the same 1-year return period as the Pro Xtra Credit Account.

BNPL Options

Since Home Depot accepts payments via Visa, you can use the following BNPL providers and their virtual card features to shop at Home Depot.

Note that some of these options can only be used online.


Klarna offers customers a one-time card that can be used for purchases anywhere prepaid cards are accepted in the US. However, it is exclusive to online stores.

Users are required to download the Klarna app, create a one-time use card, and set their spending limit. They can then enter their card details like they would for any other credit or debit card and complete the online purchase.

The one-time card can only be used to make a single purchase and expires 24 hours after issuance.


Affirm offers users two ways to pay for their purchases online at Home Depot. The first is the virtual card accessible from the Affirm app, and the second is the Affirm Debit+ Card.

The virtual card is a one-time use card that can be used at online stores that accept Visa cards. Online purchases can easily be completed using the card details provided.

Affirm’s Debit+ Card is available as a virtual card for immediate use and a physical card 7 to 14 days after issuance. Customers can use this card wherever Visa is accepted.

Both cards allow users to split purchases into four interest-free installments.


Previously Quadpay, Zip allows users to buy now and pay later at any online store. The service is accessible through a one-time use card that can be used anywhere Visa is accepted.

You can split your purchases into four and pay them back over 6 weeks. There is no late fee so long as you pay on schedule. The only extra fee charged is a $1 convenience fee for each installment.


Unlike other BNPL providers, Splitit works with your existing credit card to provide you the option to pay later. Instead of creating a new credit account, Splitit places a hold on your credit card so you can pay off the amount before it accrues any interest.

There are no late fees or accrued interest. Customers are free to choose the monthly installments. What’s more, you also get to cash in the rewards from your credit card.

Wrapping Up

These are all the buy now and pay later financing options to help with your home improvement projects from Home Depot.

We hope this list helps you find the best pay later option that reduces the burden on your monthly budget. You can purchase all the tools, supplies, and items you need, worry-free.

All the best with your renovation!