Pay monthly cruises

Pay Monthly Cruises

Going on a cruise is exciting. It lets you discover new places while traveling on a cruise ship that is designed to keep you comfortable and entertained. While on a cruise, you have access to engaging fun activities, delicious cuisines, and new people. So, you can be sure that you’ll stay busy, happy, and completely enjoy yourself!

Despite its many attractions and amenities, cruises are often expensive and entail a significant out-of-pocket expense. This makes them out of reach for many who are on a budget or can’t afford to shell out significant amounts in one go.

Fortunately, many cruises now offer payment plans that only require a small deposit upon booking. While the entire balance needs to be settled before sailing (usually three months before), it gives you more time to save up and allows you to remit smaller and more manageable payments.

If you’ve been dreaming about the perfect holiday cruise and like the idea of paying in installments, we’ve covered everything you need to know about them in this article.

By reading the sections ahead, you’ll learn more about which cruises offer this nifty feature, how paying monthly works, and other cool ideas to make payments more flexible!

How To Spread the Cost of Your Next Cruise

Here are three simple ways to pay monthly installments and spread the cost of your next cruise:

1. Book Your Cruise With a Travel Agent

Booking your cruise with a travel agent is an easy way to avoid paying for a cruise in one lump sum. Most travel agents who specialize in cruise packages provide flexible offers to customers that allow them to make monthly payments.

Many travel agents also waive the initial deposit and do not charge any interest on the balance. You can also find other attractive payment options such as not having to pay anything for a certain period of, say, a few months.

Here’s how it works: when you book a cruise with a travel agent, you will have the option of booking with zero deposit. You will then have to set up a direct debit arrangement with the agent, allowing you to pay regular monthly installments. This helps ensure that your cruise is fully paid before you set sail.

You can then travel around the world in peace after your money is automatically debited every month based on your agreement.

To get the cheapest prices when booking a cruise, make sure to compare prices from different travel agents. Finally, pick a travel agent who is trusted and offers the best price and service.

2. Book Directly With the Cruise Line

To make cruises more accessible to a larger group, a growing number of cruise lines have begun offering monthly installment plans when you book directly with them.

When you book a cruise directly with a cruise line offering a monthly payment option, you will have to pay a deposit. But you can spread the rest of the payments over the next few months.

These monthly installments are usually interest-free. But it’s best to check with the cruise line to be sure.

If you have add-ons such as flights, hotel transfers, and other optional extras, note that the installment scheme may not cover these additional expenses.

Also, not all cruise lines provide monthly payment plans. So, if the one you wish to travel with does not offer such a plan, you may have to book with a travel agent to enjoy the monthly installment option.

Remember that if you are unable to pay the entire sum, you risk losing your deposit and even the monthly payments you’ve made so far.

3. Pay for the Cruise With a Credit Card

If you book a cruise and pay for it with a credit card, you can pay off the balance in monthly installments. An even better option is to charge the balance of your cruise on an interest-free credit card so you won’t incur any extra cost.

The option to pay with a credit card is often available at your disposal irrespective of whether you book your cruise with a travel agent or directly with the cruise line. By booking your cruise with a credit card, you can keep paying for your cruise in manageable monthly installments even after the date of departure.

Keep in mind that interest-free credit cards have certain terms and conditions. For example, you should keep track of the interest-free period to avoid additional fees. If this is the case, set up your installment payments in such a way that you’ll be completely paid up before the interest-free period ends.

Which Cruise Companies Offer Monthly Payment Plans?

Here are a few popular cruise lines that offer monthly payment options along with links for more information:


Today, cruise passengers have a plethora of options available if they want to pay for cruises in monthly installments instead of one lump sum. Whichever option you choose, make sure to read the terms and conditions carefully in case there are hidden fees and terms that you must be aware of.

Once that part is sorted, you can travel in peace and start living large onboard a cruise ship!

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