About PayLaterGuide.com

PayLaterGuide.com is a consumer website dedicated to helping shoppers get the most out of pay later apps and websites.

Jessica – Lead writer for PayLaterGuide.com

We’re a small team of financial writers who believe understanding “buy now pay later” services shouldn’t be stressful or complicated. With a growing number of payment providers such as Afterpay, Affirm and Klarna we’re on a mission to tell you the facts in clear English without any jargon.

We love the ability to spread the cost of purchases. This doesn’t been we’re financially irresponsible, instead we take advantage of services which allow us to have the flexibility of paying in instalments.

We take financial decisions seriously and ask all our readers to do the same. Always make sure you do the following before using a pay later service.

  • Know the costs and fees. Many “buy now pay later” providers charge interest on purchases. It is crucial you are aware of these costs and fees.
  • Don’t borrow more than you can afford. Let’s be clear when you don’t pay for something in full you are borrowing the money. It is important that you never borrow more than you can reasonably pay if you were asked to pay off your borrowing tomorrow.

Happy shopping from the paylaterguide.com team!