Walmart Buy Now Pay Later

Lots of people want to know if Walmart have buy now pay later. In this article we will tell you how Walmart payment plans work and what buy now pay later apps work with Walmart.

It may not seem like it, but there’s something of a quiet war unfolding across the world’s fintech stage. As we dive further into a new decade, we’re also testing out new ways to purchase goods and services – and something’s out to steal the spotlight from good old-fashioned credit cards.

The Buy Now, Pay Later (BNPL) industry has seen unprecedented growth in recent years. While credit cards saw their peak usage in 2016, BNPL has since pushed hard and is expected to hit $680 billion in transaction volume by 2025.

Amongst many other companies, American retail giant Walmart has taken a great interest in the BNPL model – let’s take a closer look at how the system works, and how Walmart has implemented it.

What Buy Now Pay Later apps work with Walmart?

Here’s a list of four pay layer apps that Walmart accept.

  1. Affirm
  2. Zip (Formerly Quadpay)
  3. PayPal Pay in 4
  4. Klarna

Walmart has chosen only these four BNPL partners as of 2021 – leaving out competitors such as Sezzle and Afterpay.

Let’s take a closer look at how these four handle buy now, pay later purchases made at Walmart:

Does Affirm work at Walmart?

While the other three are supported, Affirm boasts the distinction of being Walmart’s official BNPL partner.

Affirm’s process is pretty straightforward. You can get started by visiting this webpage, and then selecting a desired payment plan. For eligible goods, Affirm offers 3, 6, or 12 month payments – all with varying fees.

This process will then send you a barcode, which can be scanned at the checkout counter in your local Walmart. This legitimizes the BNPL purchase – all you need to do now is pay your dues each month, and you’re good to go.

Zip pay at Walmart

Zip splits your payment into four installments, which are spread across a period of six weeks.

To purchase Walmart items through Zip, you’ll first need to download the Zip app, and then search through the app for Walmart. Simply add your items, choose to pay with Zip, and review the details of your 6-week payment schedule.

Zip works through Visa, and generates a ‘virtual credit card’ at this step – giving you a temporarily available credit card number, expiry date, and CVC. You can enter this at the Visa option of Walmart’s checkout page.

If you’re at a store in-person, you can also use the Zip app’s virtual card to pay at an NFC terminal.

PayPal Pay in 4 Walmart

Like the name suggests, Paypal’s new BNPL solution offers a 4-installment plan to finance whatever you’d like to buy from Walmart.

You can simply select Paypal as your preferred payment option on checkout. Once the Walmart website redirects you to Paypal’s portal, you’ll get the option to choose Paypal Pay in 4.

Once completed, Paypal will initiate an installment schedule, wherein a set amount will be debited from your Paypal balance regularly until all four installments are paid.

Does Walmart take Klarna?

Yes, you can use your Klarna one time card to purchase items in Walmart. Similar to Zip, Klarna’s process requires the use of their app. Once you have downloaded the app you can use Klarna to pay for goods in store or online. Just search for “Walmart” within the app.

You can then choose to pay with Klarna on the checkout screen, or even pay in-store by speaking with your cashier and sharing your BNPL details from the app.

Once complete, Klarna expects you to pay in four installments, each separated by a period of two weeks.

Does Walmart accept Afterpay?

Walmart does not accept Afterpay as a payment provider. This was last confirmed in February 2021. Afterpay does not have an official partnership with Walmart meaning that no purchases can be made via Aftepay. However, there are alternative solutions. We recommend Klarna’s one time card option to pay later on

Which Items Can I Purchase Through Buy Now Pay Later At Walmart

Walmart does not offer BNPL payments for all of its products. You can use the service for the following product categories:

  • Video games
  • Toys
  • Electronics
  • Musical instruments
  • Home Improvement
  • Arts and crafts
  • Sports & Outdoors
  • Auto
  • Tools
  • Jewelry
  • Apparel
  • Baby

Here’s the list of non-BNPL product categories at Walmart:

  • Gasoline
  • Baby consumables
  • Alcohol
  • Miscellaneous supplies
  • Checkout counter merchandise
  • Groceries and food
  • Personal care
  • Pet supplies
  • Money services
  • Specialty items
  • Pharmacy, health, and wellness
  • Tobacco
  • Weapons and ammunition
  • 1-hour photos
  • Wireless service plans

How Expensive Can My Buy Now, Pay Later Transactions Be?

Walmart offers a lower and higher limit for all BNPL transactions. At Walmart, BNPL is valid only for purchases between $144 and $2000.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I Return a Financed Item?

Yes – Walmart has an extensive return policy, and should take your returned items provided that you’ve kept their receipt.

Does BNPL Affect Credit Score?

Some providers such as Zip and Klarna don’t need credit checks. Others, such as Affirm, will take a look at your credit score. Affirm in particular expects one above 600, and defaulting on payments will result in credit score deductions.

Do these services charge any interest for goods purchased at Walmart?

Most only charge fees. Affirm, however, charges interest between 0-30% APR, depending on a customer’s credit.

Does Walmart take Afterpay?

Walmart does not accept Afterpay. We recommend using Affirm which is the official pay later partner for Walmart.

Does Walmart accept Paypal?

Yes, Walmart accepts Paypal payments at checkout.

Can I use Sezzle at Walmart?

No, Walmart does not accept Paypal. The perferred pay later provider at Walmart is Affirm.

Final Thoughts

While Walmart’s pay later program is fairly new, they’ve made a big difference by supporting four major players in the field.

With installment periods varying between one year to a few weeks, it’s great to see that spending at the super-retailer has become more accessible than ever before.