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How to earn $30 with your Affirm Referral Code

Affirm is one of the largest buy now pay later apps. If you’re a fan of the app you can now earn cash for inviting your friends to use the app. 

The Affirm refer a friend program currently pays you $30 for every friend you refer. And your friend will definitely thank you because they also get $30. It’s a win win offer as far as we’re concerned.

You can invite up to 10 friends which means you can earn $300 in total just by sharing your referral link.

You don’t actually need an Affirm referral code to refer a friend. Instead, Affirm will generate a unique referral link which you can share with friends. 

Let’s show you how to get your very own referral link so you can start inviting your friends. 

How to get your Affirm referral link

Step 1: Make sure you are an Affirm registered user and have the app.

Step 2: Open the Affirm app

Step 3: Go to the Shop page and tap the banner that says “Give $30, get $30.

Step 4: Copy your unique referral link

Step 5: Share your referral link with friends. You can DM, SMS or email them the link. 

Make sure your friends do this one thing

In order for you and your friend to receive $30 each it’s important that they sign-up with your link and your link alone. This means Affirm can track their sign-up back to your referral link. 

When will I get my referral reward?

The most important question! When do you get paid? The good news is that within 1-2 days of your friend taking out an Affirm loan you will get paid into your Affirm savings account

It’s important that your friend uses Affirm to pay for something within 90 days of receiving the link. 

What are the requirements of the referral program?

There are three key requirements for you to receive your Affirm sign-up bonus.

  1. You must have an Affirm Savings Account. These can be opened via the app for free.
  2. Your friend must sign-up via your referral link and only yours. 
  3. Your friend must take out an eligible Affirm loan within 90 days of signing up. 

If you hit all 3 then you and your friend can look forward to your referral bonus.

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