Klarna Gift Card

Can you buy a gift card with Klarna?

Yes, it is possible to buy gift cards with Klarna but it depends on two main factors. One factor is what type of gift card you want to buy. For example, do you want a physical gift card you can buy in-store or a digital gift card you can purchase and send online. 

The other factor is where you want the gift card to be used. For example, you may want a Disney, Amazon or even a Visa branded gift card. 

In this guide we’ll show you how to buy a gift card with Klarna no matter what your requirements. Let’s get started with buying gift cards in-store. 

Buy In-Store Gift Cards with Klarna

With the Klarna app you can purchase items including gift cards at a number of stores. This can be done by selecting an in-store retailer via the klarna app which also sells gift cards. For example, you can purchase Visa gift cards in-store at Bed Bath and Beyond using your Klarna app. 

This is a popular way to purchase a gift card with Klarna. It also comes with a big advantage as a Visa gift card can be used anywhere that accepts Visa as payment. 

Purchasing Online Gift Cards with Klarna

The most popular gift card to purchase online with Klarna is the Amazon gift card. Using the Klarna app you can select Amazon and purchase a gift card for your chosen amount. 

The benefits of buying an Amazon gift card with Klarna is that the recipient has a huge choice of items they can buy. And let’s face it, who couldn’t find something they want on Amazon. 

Why can’t i buy a gift card with klarna in all stores

The reason why you can’t buy a gift card with Klarna in any store in the same way you can with a debit card or credit card is because Klarna believes gift cards to be highly associated with credit fraud.

Alternatives to buying Gift Cards with Klarna

Zip App Gift Cards

Use the Zip app to buy gift cards online from GiftCards.com. According to the official Zip website, you can pay later for gift cards by signing up to the Zip app and purchasing via Giftscards.com. The main benefit of this is that you can split your payment into 4 installments. 

Zip (previously called quadpay) is a similar service to Klarna which offers you to pay later at a number of retail stores. 

Afterpay Gift Cards

If you are a Platinum, Diamond or Mint Afterpay user then you can buy gift cards with Afterpay via prezzee.com.

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