5 reasons you might get declined by Klarna

Why can’t I use Klarna – 11 reasons you may get declined

So you’ve found something you want to buy but can’t pay with Klarna? We’ve been there! If you are a first time shopper then we’ve got you covered.

Klarna is a buy now pay later service which gives you 14-30 days to pay for goods and services online. The number of days depends on the store you are buying from, always check the terms to make sure you don’t miss a payment. The Swedish service has proved extremely popular for fashion shoppers who can ‘try before they buy’. For example, If you are not happy with the product then you can return it without a single cent leaving your bank account.

Why is Klarna not working?

There are a number of reasons the Klarna app won’t work. If you have received one of the messages below then we want to help!

unfortunately this option is not available. please choose a different payment method.

Klarna User

Some shoppers also find that they get declined the first time using the service. Many report getting the message “sorry we can’t complete this purchase” or that their Klarna payment failed.

If Klarna is not working for you, below are some top tips to make sure your first Klarna shopping experience goes smoothly.

11 reasons Klarna might not work for you

1. Your shipping address is different to your billing address

This is one of the most common reasons you can’t pay or get declined. Often when shopping online your shipping address might be different to your billing address, e.g. your work address. However for your first Klarna purchase this can increase the odds of your payment getting declined.

We recommend using the same shipping address as your Klarna billing address. Once you have made your first payment then your ‘trust score’ will increase and Klarna will allow you to order items to multiple shipping addresses in the future.

2. You’re buying something expensive

If you are trying to buy an expensive item this may be a reason to get declined. For your first purchase we recommend buying something less than $100. Don’t forget Klarna is taking a calculated risk that you will make the payment. The risk and cost for Klarna increase the more expensive the item is.

Start with a small purchase allowing you to build your ‘trust score’ with Klarna, this includes making sure that you don’t miss those all important payments!

3. Your billing address is inaccurate

When you make a payment your billing address is one of the most important pieces of information Klarna has on your eligibility to pay. It is important your billing address matches the address your bank has on record. If these do not match then it is likely that your payment will be declined, double check the address your bank has on file for you.

If you have just moved or have no history at your current address it will make it more difficult for Klarna to determine who you are. Ideally your billing address will be somewhere you have lived for a while and is also where you are registered with a bank and utility company.

4. Buying from outside an approved country

Currently Klarna only allows payment from shoppers in a handful of countries. The full list of Klarna countries are listed below:

  • USA
  • UK
  • Germany
  • Denmark
  • Finland
  • Sweden
  • Netherlands
  • Austria
  • Norway

If you are not a resident in one of these countries then you will not be accepted for payments. However as Klarna gains popularity we expect the number of countries to grow. We recommend keeping an eye on the list of countries where you can use Klarna. Or why not contact customer support to see if they have plans to expand to your country!

5. Wrong contact details

It may sound obvious but make sure you check the spelling of your name, email and billing address. A simple misspell will quickly get you declined. We always recommend double checking your details before re-submitting. Accidentally missing a letter from your zip code could be the difference between you getting those new sneakers and not.

6. You missed a previous payment

Klarna keeps a history of your previous payments, including any missed or late payments. If you have been late to pay this may cause Klarna to reject your next purchase. Just like your bank, Klarna has their own internal score for all users. Missing to many payments will be a red flag for Klarna and they are likely to deny a future purchase.

7. You have failed a soft credit check

Klarna runs a soft credit check when you use your account for a payment. Soft credit checks do not harm your credit score but they can be a reason your payment gets declined. If the soft credit check shows that you are not currently credit worthy enough to make a purchase via Klarna the payment won’t work.

8. Have too much debt

If you are an individual which has a large outstanding debt with Klarna or other buy now pay later companies then you may find Klarna will not work for you. Klarna is keen to make sure the service is only used by individuals who can afford to make repayments on their borrowings. Large debt may put you at risk of not getting approved for the service. One recommendation is to try reducing your debt or outstanding balance before making future purchases.

9. Error with Klarna servers

From time to time Klarna has technical difficulties connecting with their servers. If you find that the screen has gone blank or that the payment page fails to load, it might be time to refresh the app or the website you are on. Often a refresh will help fix the technical issue.

10. You have tried to pay too many times in a row

It is possible that if you have tried to pay too many times in a row you may have temporarily locked your account. To help Klarna prevent fraud the company will temporarily freeze accounts which it suspects of carrying out fraudulent activity. Unfortunately this can sometimes affect innocent users who have accidentally tried to repeatedly pay for an item. If you find that after a couple of attempts trying to pay for an item it is best to try and contact Klarna customer support.

11. You are not old enough to use the app

It is important to be aware of Klarna’s terms of service. If the company detects that any users or under the age of 18 then they will deny payments. While this doesn’t happen often it may be the reason Klarna isn’t working for you.

How to get Klarna working again – 6 Quick fixes

  1. Update the Klarna app to the latest version
  2. Double check your personal details registered with Klarna are correct
  3. Connect your bank account to the Klarna app
  4. Refresh and try again
  5. Remove items from the checkout
  6. Check your credit score with your bank or a third party

We hope this advice helps you get accepted by Klarna, happy shopping!

33 thoughts on “Why can’t I use Klarna – 11 reasons you may get declined”

    1. I have a list of around 20 purchases paid in full using Klarna. I’ve financed using both “pay in 4” and 6 month financing. The most expensive was around $400 and just paid it off. I was declined today for less than $100. Wondering if they are tightening their belts in prep of IPO. Sad, at any rate to lose a fin-tech tool that has been such a joy to work with.

  1. Sachita Bhantoo

    I have ordered from Klarna a few times now. Always paid on time or on couple of occasions early. I have just been decline on ASOS for £83 and HM for £24. They couldn’t verify my address even though I checked.
    Please let me know if there’s a problem with my information.

    1. Hi, has your address changed recently from a work address to home address for example? Using different addresses is a common reason for declines.

      1. Maybe Klarna should change their policy and stop declining people because of different shipping / billing addresses. You are aware we’re in the age of digital nomads, right? Until Klarna is more consistent, I’m done expecting anything from it

    1. Hi, try double checking your delivery and billing addresses are the same as the ones used the last time you purchased with Klarna. Many people also find that if they are purchasing something more expensive than previous purchases that they may get declined.

  2. I’ve been trying to make a purchase through klarna, I’ve used Klarna for months, always pay everything off in full early. No changes to my details and they’re saying they can’t verify my address? Literally nothing has changed.

    1. I am having the same issue but Klarna have said that they can’t serve me as I’m under 18, when I’m infact 30. I have always paid on time and never been late, I am unable to use it now and no one is helping me. No one seems to know why

  3. I’ve keep getting the same ‘declined’ message. I have checked all my details and they are all correct. This has happened on several websites. Really annoyed that this is the only payment split option and it doesn’t work! I’ve not missed a payment ever so it should work!

  4. Used klarna many times always pay on time or early never had any problems I have made some expensive purchases with no problem and paid them off on time or early
    All my details are correct and have not changed yet I keep getting declined Even on sites I’ve used before

      1. I am also having the same problem! Spoke with them on Twitter and they said its an automated process so they can’t tell me why i’ve been declined even though everything on my account looks fine. (e.g no missed payments, correct information etc). Does this mean I just can’t use Klarna ever again? :L

  5. I have used klarna since 2019 no problems and suddenly I get a declined notice. My address from billing and shipping has never changed. Unsure what happened. I depend on klarna for needed purchases.

  6. Same problems for us. Lived in the same house for years, all billing info shipping info verified, no issue using other types of these services. I highly recommend QuadPay & AfterPay. Klarna seems buggy and while I’ve had no issues with the other 4 pay type of services, Klarna won’t approve us no matter the amount, time of day, alignment of stars & planet’s etc lol. They’re algorithm system is a joke, and I can’t imagine many merchants will continue to put up with how inconsistent or inaccurate Klarna is with they’re customers.

    1. I also use Sezzle the have continually upgraded my credit limit to a point where I would never spend that much. They also have the option of postponing your payment up to a certain amount of days with no additional fee. They have been great and are continuously adding new stores and giftcards for purchase. Another that I love is Afterpay they recently added Amazon to their already enormous supply of available stores, I was so happy I order a lot from Amazon so this is really great

      However dispute using both of these regularly and always paying on time or ahead I have never been able to get approved with Klarna I have no idea why and the only reason I’ve ever tried is because on some websites it’s the only option they don’t have the other two.

  7. I used to save up for my purchases until I discovered Klarna as they are interest free so why not use them.

    I have a excellent credit history along with experian score of 998, I have one credit card with £1900 on it paying off at £350 a month. I have a amex I use daily where the balance is paid of at the end of the month. I have no overdraft and no other loans.. bank is £2500 in credit.

    loved the convenience of Klarna as it was interest free. I have made purchases using Klarna totaling over £3000 in the last 2 years. Individual highest purchase was £600 paid off in 3 months.

    I have not used them for 4 months.. Went to make a purchase of £600 today to pay off within 3 months and it was declined. My husband then did the same purchase and he was declined too.. Shame really as I always recommended Klarna for easy payments.

    So I dont know what algorithm they are using? as I can get accepted for credit anywhere

  8. You forgot one. It denied me because it said that it’s not available where I live. I live in Springfield Massachusetts. 🤷🏽‍♀️ Smh

  9. Why is Klarna saying “can not approve my purchase using my card/Payment method, choose a different card”?? I have used this same debit card for every purchase without issue, never missed a payment or unable to proceed due to lack of funds. My Mastercard is perfectly fine, have enough to cover the purchase and then some so whats the issue?

    1. I have an estimated amount to spend of about $1450, but every time I have tried to purchase with a one time card (Amazon) and through a company (Footlocker) I’ve been declined and I have had over 20 purchases with them. And it sucks to not be able to speak with someone. And none of my information has changed.

  10. I use Klarna for recurring items like my skin care but I’ve never missed a payment or made a late payment still have a spending amount information is up to date and all of a sudden I can’t get approved why y’all acting weird to me

    1. Right? I did over $9000 in purchases from May 2020 to March 2021. Never missed a payment, often paid early. My credit score has remained about the same, no late payments anywhere, but Klarna requests are no longer approved. I have given up and started to use Afterpay. Sadly, Afterpay is not available at my favorite store 🙁

  11. I live in New Mexico, USA and for what ever reason Klarna doesn’t recognize New Mexico as part of the USA. So even though they say they cover all the USA it doesn’t include New Mexico and its been this way for over a year now, even though they promised me last time it would be updated within 6 months.

  12. I am new to Klarna. Only using it because Trek Bikes discontinued their card with a bank for deferred interest financing. Trek said to use Klarna for the same 6 or 12 month deferred interest financing- meaning that if it is paid in the promotional period then there is no interest. Klarna has declined me and I have an excellent credit rating and a long history of “handling financing responsibly”. I do not understand their algorithm and there is no one to check it. If I am not a good “risk” then I do not understand what they are looking for. Can anyone advise as it would be nice to spread payments for a $9,000 purchase over 12 months.

    1. might be late to the conversation. but I use Klarna for security reasons and the rewards add up. I think that the issue is that they only do a soft credit pull. and mainly rely on a “trust score” to approve purchases. When you signed up did they give you the purchase power of 9K? I pretty sure that a company that doesn’t do a hard credit check is not going to give someone a 9k line of credit. Make a few smaller purchases and pay on-time and your Trust Score will go up. also linking your bank account with them will make them more inclined to approve your purchase. people have complained that they had 2 purchases and were denied the 3rd. I’ve had 4 purchases at 1 time all for 100s of dollars and my limit keeps going up. I’ve paid off about 4 or 5k in purchases. if you want a 9k line of credit and your credit is as good as you say. then you should have no problem opening up a card with the limit you need and offering 0% apr for 12 months. I through away 5 offers a week.

  13. Why won’t Klarna accept a PO Box as a billing address? Many places in the west do not have mail delivery except to a PO Box.

  14. Petite Squirrel

    I got some error about contacting transition to ensure my personal info is correct I called them they said it was correct call Klarna. So I call them bc I can’t get purchasing power, the guy told me some off the wall answer had nothing to do with my issue I ask for supervisor and this dummy said they don’t have supervisors. I’ve made all my pamyments on time. Don’t bother with afterpay either I forgot one payment and they dropped me back down from the top tier to the lowest with a blame $50 to spend ooo wee what can I do with $50. Affirm is a big joke they mess up your credit and their customer service is horrible

  15. Tried to purchase a Bicycle for £1000 from Halfords. Thought i would try using Klarna interest free for 12 months. Not a chance. I have a near perfect credit score with Experian and Capita so there was no reason to be turned down. Not my loss but it was Halfords. Purchased a bike from a different company with no problems. Klarna needs to sort itself out!!!!

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