Afterpay declined in Nevada

Why isn’t Afterpay available in my state?

If you are experiencing issues paying with Afterpay then it may be due to the state you live in.

Many users have reported getting the error message “afterpay is temporarily unavailable in your state”. Users from the state of Nevada seem to be the most affected by this issue.

Why is Afterpay not available in Nevada?

According to users posting on reddit, Afterpay is not currently available in Nevada. Afterpay customers are reporting that potential changes to state laws have affected the pay day loan industry.

It is thought that Afterpay are currently reviewing how the law changes affect the way the company operates in the state of Nevada.

It seems the the issue first started in August and continues to be an issue for Nevada residents. If you are still getting a decline message and live in Nevada make sure you leave us a comment so we can track if the issue is still occurring.

For now we haven’t heard of any other reported issues. California recently updated their own pay day loans laws however this did not seem to interrupt the processing of Afterpay.

To see the top 5 reasons why you may have been declined by Afterpay, visit our declined by afterpay help page.

3 thoughts on “Why isn’t Afterpay available in my state?”

  1. Just tried to use afterpay purchase with tommy john and declined. I used afterpay last in August. No problem. Paid off. Used afterpay several times in the past year. So it isnt me or my card. I live in carson city nevada. My only answer is that it isnt yet available again in this state. Really sucks!! Allow payday loans online to rip people off but stop a legimate entity that helps us purchase with greater ease.
    I hope whatever the law is that suddenly appeared out of the blue, afterpay can work around or with very soon.
    Thanks so much

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