Frozen Afterpay accounts

Why is my Afterpay account frozen?

If your Afterpay account has been frozen or blocked then it is important you understand why. And most importantly how to get your account unfrozen.

Many shoppers find they get the following error messages from Afterpay, “afterpay account blocked from making purchases” or “your account is currently frozen. this order cannot be completed”.

If you have received either of these messages then it is likely that your account has been blocked or frozen.

The most common reason your account has been frozen is because you have missed a payment. However people also report having their account frozen when they haven’t missed a payment.

Another reason might be that you changed personal details such as your home address or you may have canceled a card or payment option linked to your Afterpay account.

How to unfreeze your Afterpay account

You will need to contact Afterpay to unfreeze your account. The issue will not go away on its own. Afterpay customer service can be contacted via their website or by phone.

We recommend you contact Afterpay by phone so that you can get the issue resolved as quickly as possible.

Contact Afterpay customer service in the US by phoning 855-289-6014. Press “0” to make sure you speak to a customer support agent.

It is also possible to contact Afterpay via their online contact form.

Afterpay alternatives for blocked accounts

If you have been blocked, you may want to try similar apps like Afterpay, which also offer pay later options. We recommend trying Klarna and Sezzle. Klarna is the second biggest pay later app in the USA and allow you to purchase products on any online store via their one-time card.

How long will my Afterpay account be frozen

Your Afterpay account may be frozen forever if you do not contact Afterpay. It is unlikely that Afterpay will automatically unfreeze your account.

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