How to Use Your SNAP EBT Card on Amazon

Shopping on Amazon is a breeze. The diversity of options available paired with competitive prices and lightning-fast delivery has made it one of the most preferred shopping platforms – and a dominant force in the market that isn’t going anywhere soon.

This progressive approach to e-commerce also aims to make a big difference in low-income groups across the country.

Unlike other apps, Amazon supports SNAP EBT. While the program has been assisting families for several decades, the use of SNAP, formerly known as food stamps, has become quite popular, especially through the COVID-19 pandemic.

For low-income families depending on food stamps to put food on the table, Amazon’s acceptance of SNAP EBT can prove to be a great help.

Here’s everything you need to know.


Funded by the Department of Agriculture (USDA), the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) helps needy families get access to healthy food choices. Originally known as the Food Stamps program, it has existed for over eighty years and has grown from an effective target of 4 million to over 70 million Americans.

Through the use of an EBT (Electronic Benefits Transfer), you can avail of subsidies on food, free meals for children and senior citizens, as well as a host of other useful benefits.

How to Use Your SNAP EBT Card on Amazon

Amazon is working closely with the USDA to increase the accessibility of online shopping for groceries throughout the country for lower-income groups.

To Register, follow these steps:

  1. Create an account. If you already have one, sign in.
  2. Go to Amazon’s EBT Homepage.
  3. Add your SNAP EBT card as the payment method.
  4. Browse through the deals and offers and shop for eligible food items.
  5. Enter your EBT pin to pay.

That’s it – easy as pie.


Check the list of eligible states before you start shopping. At present, Amazon accepts EBT from all states except Alaska, Hawaii, Maine, Montana, and Louisiana.

Amazon is constantly trying to expand the accessibility of EBT cards so if you’re from one of these states, keep a lookout on the Amazon SNAP EBT Homepage to get updates on state coverage

Deals and Benefits

If there’s one thing Amazon is going to do, it’s giving their customers access to discounts and deals. With SNAP EBT, customers can avail of free shipping options, competitive prices, and a special selection that can allow you to bag crucial savings.

Get Free Shipping

Shipping can be costly, that’s something we can all agree on. Amazon understands how hard it must be for families who are barely getting three nutritious meals in a day.  If you shop for $25 and up on Amazon Grocery and $35 and up on Amazon Fresh, you’re eligible for free shipping on Amazon, although this might be subject to regional differences.

For instance, the minimum range that gets you free shipping differs if you live in New York City. If you live in NYC, you can enjoy free shipping on Amazon Fresh as long as you order over $50 worth of Amazon Fresh items.

Avail Free Access to Amazon Fresh

SNAP EBT customers can get both shelf-stable and perishable products from Amazon Fresh without paying for an Amazon Prime Membership.

It’s not available in all areas but progress is being made towards providing the benefits of Amazon Fresh across all states. Check whether your area is eligible before you make the leap.

50% off on Prime Membership

Amazon provides a 50% discount on its Prime Membership. What is normally $12.99/ month for everybody else is $5.99 for people with EBT cards.

Amazon Prime has a plethora of benefits available for its users. Some of them are:

  • Prime-exclusive deals
  • Prime Video
  • Amazon Music
  • Free delivery on almost all items on Amazon

If you have an EBT SNAP card, you don’t need a Prime Membership to get discounted and exclusive deals, free shipping, and free access to Amazon. Prime membership is a want, not a need.

Get exclusive deals

Amazon is famous for giving people access to unforgettable deals and discounts. As soon as a holiday comes by, big or small, Amazon gets right down to business. It strives to cater to its customer base in the best way they know how, by providing discounts and unforgettable deals.

If you have a SNAP EBT card, you get access to exclusive deals on groceries, fresh produce, and other healthy food items.

Remember: You can only use your personal account to get SNAP EBT benefits on Amazon. Business accounts are not eligible for SNAP EBT benefits.


What Can You Buy with A SNAP EBT card on Amazon?

You can use your SNAP EBT funds towards SNAP-eligible food items and products only. You can purchase these products from Amazon Fresh and Amazon Grocery. The main purpose of SNAP is to ensure no citizen of this country goes hungry due to financial strains so you cannot use your SNAP EBT funds towards products that don’t meet this criterion.

Amazon Fresh

Amazon Fresh is not available nationwide. To check the availability, visit the Amazon Fresh Homepage. You can only shop on Amazon Fresh with a Prime Membership but if you’re a SNAP EBT holder, you can get this benefit sans a prime membership.

You can schedule a 2-hour delivery window according to your preferences. The delivery slot depends on you. You can opt for same-day delivery or schedule it for a later day in the future. If you can’t meet the minimum amount that makes you eligible for free shipping, you’ll have to pay for shipping.

Not all Amazon Fresh items are eligible for SNAP EBT, you’ll know all about it when you proceed to checkout. You can remove the non-SNAP eligible items or you can proceed to pay for them through a different credit card or Amazon Cash.

Amazon Grocery

In Amazon Grocery, you can find a wide selection of groceries and gourmet food items. To save you the trouble of browsing through the entire selection, Amazon has a link that will take you directly to SNAP EBT eligible food items.

You can get free shipping by purchasing groceries that total $25 and up. Delivery will be provided within 5-8 business days. If you have a Prime Membership, you can get your package delivered within a day or two.

How to pay with SNAP EBT on Amazon – Video Tutorial


Amazon, alongside the USDA, has made a massive impact on the lives of households and especially childrens’ nutrition across the nation. It brings us one step closer to making fresh produce and groceries available to everyone, irrespective of their financial conditions.

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  1. well I just think it’s absolutely amazing that Amazon is doing this for us poor folk to have to survive off EBT AKA food stamps in this pandemic or otherwise. I just want to put a shout out to you. GOOD FOR YOU!!!! I’m proud of you!n you’re doing an amazing job keep it up!!

    1. prices are higher on Amazon Fresh as compared to Amazon Whole Foods.
      from .50 to two dollars higher.
      and you cannot communicate with the shopper, so you can’t add to or change anything on your list and cannot choose substitutes, so you may end up with items you cannot use.

  2. Amazon may consider items i.g. Nutritional value. SUPPLEMENTS- Nutritional items are consumable.

    Collagen should be an EBT products

    Love ya 🙂

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