Top jewelry stores with payment plans

Best Jewelry Stores with Payment Plans

You’ve been eyeing that necklace for so long, waiting for the right occasion to buy it, putting away money every payday until you can afford it.

But wait, an important event is coming up and it’s the perfect opportunity to wear that necklace. What do you do? You have no savings and your credit score is too low to get a loan. Don’t fret. We have just the solution for you: jewelry store payment plans!

What Exactly Are Jewelry Store Payment Plans?

Certain jewelry stores offer financing options to their customers. These plans are 6 to 12 months long and interest-free if paid on time. 

Let’s look at the pros and cons of jewelry store payment plans.


  • They can help you build good credit.
  • They can be used for urgent purchases.
  • There are a variety of plans to choose from.
  • It helps you afford the jewelry you love and instantly bring it home.
  • You can use your savings for something else.
  • There are no interest rates.


  • There are heavy interest rates on missed payments.

If you’re wondering what jewelry stores offer payment plans, then the upcoming list will be useful to you.

Let’s look at some jewelry payment plans that even people with low credit scores can avail of.

Jewelry Stores That Offer Payment Plans

James Allen

James Allen has special financing plans for accounts that qualify. These are:

This is for purchases of at least $1,000 with a 6-month loan term. Interest is deferred after the full payment is completed within 6 months of purchase. In case you cannot make the payment during this period, they charge you the standard APR (Annual Percentage Rate) of 29.99%, from the date of purchase.

For Purchases Over $2,000

The other financing plan by James Allen is a 24-month plan with the same standard APR of 29.99%. The interest rate is 9.9% APR. According to their website, the monthly payment amount will be equal to the total purchase amount plus interest for the length of the offer divided by the number of months of the offer. The last payment is rounded up and will be higher.

REEDS Jewelers

For Purchases of at Least $1,000

Reeds offers three financing plans: their credit card, an Affirm plan, and a 12-month lease program. The Reeds credit card has three options based on whether you purchase $299 and above, $1000 and higher, and $2000 and up.

$299 and Up

A 6-month installment period is available which is interest-free if paid on time.

$1,000 and Up

Similarly, the $1000 and up option has a 12-month interest-free offer.

$2000 and Up

The $2,000 offer has a 60-month term with a 9.99% interest rate charged from the date of purchase.


The Affirm plan comes with its standard 10 to 30% APR, soft credit check, and the 3 to 12-month installment term. The best thing about them is their flexible credit limit.

Best Brilliance

The jewelry store has three payment plans on offer from partners Affirm, Splitit, and ID.ME.


Get a 10% discount through Best Brilliance’s partnership with ID.ME. You only need to verify your group status to get the discount.


Enjoy a 3-month installment plan that’s free of interest using your Visa or Mastercard


Affirm offers a 0 to 30% APR based on credit and provides full transparency in its plan details before payment confirmation. Affirm also gives you the option to select the number of months you want to split your installments into.

Kay Jewelers

Kay Jewelers offers 2 store financing plans, a lease-purchase plan, and a BNPL plan.

Store Finance

The minimum purchase for the store financing plan is $500 while the regular purchase plan has no minimum purchase. The first plan has a 12 to 36-month term and the latter a revolving one.

Lease Purchase Program

With the lease purchase program, you get to choose from flexible payment options. You can take the jewelry home on the same day but will only own it after making the full payment. However, you will need to make the first payment of $49, and the total lease amount will cost you way more than the retail price. The installments are divided over 12 months but there are also 90-day and 3-month terms.


You can use Affirm by paying a downpayment of at least $150. It has a repayment plan over 6 to 8 weeks or 6 to 12 months depending on the purchase amount.

Jared the Galleria of Jewelry

Similar to Kay Jewelers, Jared has 4 financing plans, 2 store financing plans, a lease program, and a partnership with Affirm.

The special financing plan requires a minimum purchase of $1,000, with a 0 to 20% down payment and a loan period of 12 to 48 months. Their regular purchase credit plan and Affirm payment plan offer the same conditions.

In contrast, the lease program requires a $300 minimum purchase over a 12-month term that can be availed with an initial payment of $79.

Shane Co.

The Denver-based gemstone jewelers has 5 payment plans with a varying number of months. These include 18, 24, 36, 48, and 60-month plans. However, the terms are quite similar for all of the plans.

All of them have a standard 29.99% APR. For all offers except the 18-month plan, the monthly amount payable is equal to the purchase amount and interest for the length of the offer divided by the number of months in the offer. The last installment is higher due to being rounded up.

The 18-month plan offers deferred interest if paid in full within the loan term of 18 months.


Zales financing plans and Kay Jewelers have the same 4 programs with the same conditions except for its special financing offer which has a lower $300 amount as a minimum purchase requirement.


Leibish has a retail partnership with Splitit as well as a Buy Now, Pay Later (BNPL) service that provides customers with 3 free installments on purchases of up to $35,000. These do not require good credit history so are perfect for anyone looking for jewelry payment plans for bad credit history or even no credit checks.

In case your purchase amount exceeds the $35,000 limit, you can process it as a different payment. You can also check for layaway plans offered on selected jewelry.


Leasing, credit cards, and BNPL are popular finance plans for jewelry stores. While these are excellent offers that allow you to bring home that piece of jewelry you’ve coveted for a while now, it’s best to avail of them with a plan to pay off the monthly installments on time so you don’t accrue unnecessary and expensive penalties.

The interest rates on these plans will always be higher than the amount you purchased them for. Based on the options, BNPL seems like the better choice but none are without risks.

Enjoy your new jewelry but tread carefully.

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