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Buy Now Pay Later Apps No Credit Check

Life brings unexpected expenses sometimes. Having bad credit shouldn’t mean you are locked out of important future purchases.

But where do you find money when you’ve got no credit history or poor credit history? We’ve got 5 solutions for anyone looking for buy now, pay later apps with no credit check.

But before we list them, let’s first understand some basics about Buy Now Pay Later:

What Is Buy Now Pay Later?

Buy Now, Pay Later (BNPL) is a loan granted to buyers at the point-of-sale stage of the buying process. These loans can be for small everyday purchases or big occasion splurges.

BNPL sometimes requires users to make an initial down payment before their order is shipped. The loans and spending limits approved to users are based on their credit scores, income history, or other financial factors.

Repayment methods are plenty and scheduled on a fixed or flexible basis. Most companies offering BNPL services,

  • Do not charge interest over timely payments
  • Do not charge an additional annual fee or service fee
  • Do not require users to fill out an application form
  • Offer some form of service to all credit types
  • Are approved quickly

BNPL services are offered by financing companies, payments solutions providers, and retailers (online and offline). Some companies offer BNPL for products sold through their portal or website. While others may offer pay later options for retailers and brands they have partnered with.

While BNPL is the savior you desperately need, it is also a big responsibility.

Payment companies offering BNPL are often known to levy high interest on payment defaulters. This interest can cost you about as much as an installment! Want to know how to stay on top of it? Just buy what you need, plan installments well, and see them through!

Let’s now take a look at some pay later options you can avail that require no prior credit checks.

5 Buy Now Pay Later Apps (Without Credit Checks)

CompanyCredit CheckRequirementsFeatures
SplititNo Credit Check ✅ You must already have a credit cardNo interest or fees
PerpayNo Credit Check ✅Regular paycheckBuild credit score and history
FingerhutNo Credit Check ✅Down payment requiredThousands of products
ZebitNo Credit Check ✅Need to confirm income and identityUp to $2,500 credit limit
FourNo Credit Check ✅Need to confirm employment statusGet approved instantly

1.   Splitit

Splitit is the must-try choice for those looking for pay later services without a credit check. Based in New York, Splitit provides split installment solutions to users with no credit checks.

How does Splitit verify payment limits?

Splitit offers monthly installment plans and offers to users based on their credit cards. Users aren’t required to pay any additional fees or interest. There is no application required either.

Splitit allows you to make small installments once every month that allow you to keep your overall credit usage low.

2.   Perpay

Perpay is an all-in-one app offering BNPL services that allow you to make timely installments and also build your credit. Perpay charges neither interest nor fees and no credit checks either. They instead use your income details to allot you a spending limit. Users receive an estimated spending limit upon completing their Perpay profile.

When purchasing you will also need to get approved for a spending limit for every product you order.

3.   Fingerhut

Want to find the best online catalog with pay later options? Fingerhut is the place for you!

Fingerhut is an online catalog/retailer that offers pay later solutions for products sold on Their shopping catalog includes electronics, bed & bath, home improvement, furniture, clothing, beauty products, sports products, pet supplies, and more.

There are two options for users to avail of:

  • Fingerhut Advantage Revolving Credit Account
  • Fingerhut FreshStart Credit Account

With a FreshStart Account, users can apply for approval, make a down payment, and then pay back the installments. Whereas, the Revolving Account may or may not require you to make a down payment.

Both plans are issued by WeBank and require no additional fees for annual services, applications, or overlimits. Fingerhut also helps you build your credit history by reporting your payments to credit bureaus.

4.   Zebit

Zebit is a BNPL solutions provider that verifies your information from specialized credit reporting agencies that do not report to FICO.

It provides users an initial spending limit of $1,000-$2,500.

Users are required to pay a percentage of their order value as a down payment before the order is shipped. This down payment can be paid at once or in three weekly installments.

The total amount of the loan can be paid over the next 6 months and has 0% APR.

5.   Four

BNPL service by Four is a pay-later finance plan that users can access without a credit check. All you need to do is select Four at checkout, get approved, and submit your order. The approval process is quick and does not impact your credit score.

Installments are automatically scheduled into four equal payments that are spread across six weeks. What’s more? Four does not report your payment activity to credit bureaus, so there’s no fear of your activity affecting your credit score!

Best for Instant Approval (60 seconds)

If you’re looking for a no credit check option with instant approval then we recommend Perpay. They claim to offer a 60 second approval for customers. While there is no credit check it is important that you meet these requirements:

  • Are employed in a full time job
  • Have been employed for the last 3 months or more
  • No registered bankruptcies.
  • No large existing debts
  • Have the ability to set up direct deposit payments.

Best for Small Down Payment

Zebit is a great option if you are looking for a service with a small down payment that doesn’t run a credit check. The service is perfect if you are buying jewelry or electronics such as phones and TVs. The service allows you to pay over a 6 month period with quick access to a $1,500 spending limit. Zebit will need to verify your identity and employment. Initial down payments range from 20-30% of the purchase.

Alternate Options

Signing up for a pay later service does not guarantee you your ideal spending limit or approval. While there are lots of occasions where users have been declined, there’s no need to lose heart if you were declined too.

For your convenience, we’ve listed some pay later solutions that conduct soft checks and some that accept bad credits as well.


Klarna offers BNPL plans that can be paid off in four installments with zero interest. With Klarna, you can make the payment (within 30 days) after buying and trying the product.

They conduct a soft credit check on users and do not report your payment activity to credit bureaus.

Note that Klarna does offer financing options that require them to conduct a hard check. These options are also reported to the credit bureaus.

Seventh Avenue

Seventh Avenue is an online retailer/catalog that provides BNPL options for products sold through its website. Their product Seventh Avenue Credit is a revolving credit plan with zero annual fees.

Minimum installments start at $20 and are reported to credit bureaus.

Final Thoughts

Buy Now, Pay Later programs are a dream come true for the 21st-century shopaholic, but navigating the wide range of products can be tricky.

We hope our list makes narrowing down a BNPL service easier for you. Happy shopping!

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