Review of Airpods monthly payments

Airpods monthly payment: How to buy now and pay later

It seems like everyone has a pair of Apple Airpods. The distinct wireless earphones have been a huge success for Apple with more than 60 million units sold last year. We love the Airpods but they’re not cheap. Like most Apple products they come with a premium price tag, Airpods range from $159 for the original models to $249 for the new Airpod Pros.

In this post we’ll show you the best Airpods monthly payment options to spread the cost of your new earphones. We’ve also made sure to include all the essential information on any additional fees and interest charges.

Can you pay for Airpods with monthly payments?

Yes, both Walmart and Target offer monthly payments for Airpods. Below is a comparison of our recommended payment plans in the United States and how much Airpods costs if you choose to pay monthly.

LogoTarget Logo
RetailerTarget Walmart
Product TitleAirpods + Wireless Charging CaseAirpods + Wireless Charging Case
Payment ProviderAffirmAffirm
APR %10–30% APR10–30% APR
Retail Price$169.99$169.00
Interest (30% APR) 12 Months$19.37$19.28
ShopVisit TargetVisit Walmart
ShippingFree 2-day shippingFree 2-day delivery
Target vs Walmart Airpod monthly payments compared.

Amazon Airpods Payment Plan

Are you a regular Amazon shopper? You might be lucky enough to be eligible for Amazon monthly payments. This is an interest-free option which splits the cost of Apple Airpods into 5 monthly payments.

How to tell if you are eligible:

  1. Log in to your account.
  2. Find the Airpod product page.
  3. Check the payment options. If you are eligible you will see the option for 5 monthly payments.

The cheapest new Airpods we have found are $12.64/month

One of the best deals we have come across is Target’s pay later deal for the wired charging case version of the Airpods. These have now been reduced to only $139.99 ($159.99) and are available to purchase for $12.99/month at 30% APR over a period of 12 months.

It is important to note that these Airpods have a wired charging case which you charge via a lightening USB cable. For most people whether you charge the Airpods via a cable or wirelessly will not matter too much. The main advantage is listening to podcasts or music is completely wire free.

Can you pay later for Airpod Pros?

Yes, the following stores also offer pay later options for Apple’s Airpod Pros. Many people choose to use payment plans for the pros as they are more expansive and retail for $249. We’ve checked the following retailers and both offer monthly payments for the Airpod pro models.

  • Walmart – $234.95 ($22/month)
  • Target – $249.99 ($22.75/month)

Does Apple offer Airpod monthly payment plans?

No. Apple does not offer Airpods monthly payment plans. On the financing section of the Apple website the company offers “special financing for up to 18 months” via the Barclaycard Financing Visa. We don’t recommend this option for two reasons.

1) Applying for a Barclaycard Financing Visa requires a credit check which could affect your credit score. This is made clear in the terms and conditions for the financing visa where it stipulates that “You agree that we have a right to obtain a credit report in connection with our review of your application”.

Unlike Barclaycard financing firm Affirm will conduct a soft credit check which will not affect your credit score.

2) Barclaycard’s lowest APR is 13.99% vs 10% offered by Affirm. If you have a good credit score than you can benefit from this lower APR by shopping through Affirm.

Can I pay monthly on Amazon for Airpods?

No. You cannot currently purchase Apple Airpods with monthly payments on Amazon. While Amazon offer monthly payments for a wide range of items and electronics such as Alexa Echo’s and Kindle eBook readers they do not offer it for Apple products. For more information on which Amazon items are eligible for monthly payments please read out Amazon monthly payments guide.

Can you finance AirPods without a credit check

You cannot currently purchase Airpods on finance without a credit check. However there are two types of credit checks, soft checks and hard checks. A hard credit check goes on your permanent record and could affect your credit score if your are refused credit. A less riskier option is a “soft” credit check which does not affect your credit score. A financing provider such as Affirm carry out soft credit checks.

Can you buy Airpods with Afterpay?

No. Currently there are no Apple Airpod retailers that accept Afterpay.

Can you buy Airpods with Affirm?

Yes. A number of retailers who sell Airpods accept Affirm. Walmart and Target both take Affirm payments and sell Airpods and Airpods pro.

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