Klarna Referral Code – Refer your friends and earn

A Klarna referral code allows you to earn a reward for joining Klarna, the pay later app. Before you join simply select a link from the referral codes below.

Does Klarna have a referral program?

Yes, Klarna offers its users a referral bonus for anyone they refer. The program will pay you a bonus of $30 for every person you sign up.

Here is how to use the Klarna referral program:

  1. Sign up to Klarna via an invite link and earn a $30 Amazon gift card.
  2. Once signed up share your own invite link with friends to earn up $300.
  3. You get $30* every time someone signs up via your link (up to 10 invites)

*payment is via an Amazon gift card.

Looking for a Klarna Referral Code?

Here is a list of referral codes which you can use when you join Klarna. We also recommend you post your own referral code in the comments when you sign up.

Earn $30 for joining Klarna by using one of the following referral code links.

Share your Klarna Referral code and earn $30

You can earn up to $30 by posting your Klarna referral code in the comments. If anyone uses your referral code then you will earn $30.